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Maine-et-Loire Angers

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Allow me to make your customer understand your product in order for you to successfully sell it to them. You’ve put hundreds and even thousands of hours into perfecting it. Now is the time to show it to the world. This is where I come in to help you in bringing your hard work to life. Industrial, technical, and scientific processes are extremely complex and need to be reviewed with due dilligence. If you want to your clients to buy that which is on offer, you need them to understand why you are better than the competition and what it is that you actually provide. Expensive footage, photos and long winded, boring powerpoint presentations fall short of providing the whole picture. Animations in 3D can acchieve understanding and rightful interest in seconds, and make it shine in a few minutes. Together we can deep dive into what your product actually does, explore the insides without extremely expensive camera equipment. We can break it apart and reassemble it. And when it makes sense to do so: present it with explosions and dragons in the background to drive home the one, key message: THIS IS AWESOME "3D animations allow your product to be understood and properly valued. We can explain any product in seconds, and make it shine in a few minutes." Make a authentic, valuable animations with me and improve the likelihood of purchase for your customers. About me: I am a professional German video animator and motion designer. I have worked and lived in Berlin, though I was born in Bavaria and grew up there. These days I live and work in Angers, France, a small city in the Pays de la Loire, where once mighty nobles roamed the land, built a myriad of castles and manors and went of to the middle east to fight utterly strange wars called the Crusades. I am a loving husband and a proud father of a little girl who unfoundedly calls me "coquin". I make kick-ass animations. And here’s a list of happy clients of mine: • global Howard Miller Associates • FixSus bvba Belgium • Emaze, energy consultancy • Maxee building energy management system • ePortal • Apex Water Filters • Kite Proramming • Daywalk - Austrailia • Suez • Evonik • Bostwiki My Skills: 3D animations, Explainers, 3D modeling and Rendering. Motion graphics, How-to guides, Product overviews, Introductions and Installation videos across all industries.
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